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From ASD Diagnosis to Program Enrollment

Receiving an autism diagnosis is a life-changing experience for any family. At Autism 360 we believe autism can be guided and managed through early intervention and ABA therapy protocols tailored to suit your needs. We provide support and nurture hope for every child. Together we can give children the tools they need to live happy, successful, and independent lives. We are here to help!

I Suspect My Child Might Have Autism Spectrum Disorder

If you suspect your child may have Autism Spectrum Disorder, you should have them evaluated by a Pediatrician or an Autism 360 Licensed Professional. Do not delay. Early intervention is key to success. 

Call Today to Speak with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst!


Advocating on Your Behalf

An ASD diagnosis can be scary. Prior to admission into our program, our Licensed Qualified Autism Professional and Board Certified Behavior Analyst will meet with your family to gather background information and hear your concerns. Our staff will advocate on your behalf with insurance companies. We will fight to obtain all services deemed medically necessary. We are here to help!


Enroll Your Child

Complete the one page registration form on our website, tell us about your child.


Intake Coordinator

Phone Interview

Our Intake Coordinator will contact you within 48 hours to answer your questions and schedule your assessment appointment. 


Initial Paperwork

We will request a copy of your insurance card and a copy of your child's ASD diagnosis report to determine eligibility for our services. 


Referral Request

Prior to your assessment appointment, we will contact your child's pediatrician in order to request a referral for ABA services. 


When the time comes for your child to begin services with Autism 360, one of our BCBAs will schedule your intake meeting. You will complete your child’s registration and the authorization for services. We will conduct further interviews to learn more about your child. We want to know how they like to communicate, any difficult behaviors they exhibit, and any concerns you may have. Then, the BCBA will directly assess your child. They will focus on his or her behavioral skills: social, communication, expressive, and receptive skills, among others. Your child’s BCBA will then complete a treatment plan for your child, and we will share with you everything you should expect in the following six months for your child. Finally, we will advocate for the number of weekly treatment hours we think is medically necessary for your child and submit our treatment plan to your insurance company.


Upon receiving the approval of your child’s treatment plan from your insurance company, we will schedule your child’s first day of therapy at Autism 360! During the first week, your child will meet with therapists and become acclimated to their daily schedule. He or she will begin pairing with our therapists; your child will build relationships with our staff through play activities. Our goal is to help your child enjoy arriving at our facility and seeing his or her therapist each day. When the pairing process has concluded, we will begin working with your child to achieve the goals outlined in the treatment plan. Routine reassessments and adjustments are made to your child’s treatment plan in order to maximize the benefit of every hour of treatment he or she receives. You, as the parent, are kept informed every step of the way. 

My Family Has Just Received An Autism Diagnosis

There are numerous therapies geared to help children diagnosed with autism: Applied Behavior Analysis, speech therapy and occupational therapy. Autism 360 provides a full spectrum of care - Your team can help determine if our pediatric speech and occupational therapy program would help you child achieve the best outcomes. 

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