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Now Hiring the Best

of the Best!

The Autism 360 family is a group of caring and devoted professionals who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of children with ASD. Driven by our commitment to quality over quantity and supported by our passionate and skilled team, we provide the entirety of care for children with Autism in order to ensure a better prognosis across all domains affected by autism - social, adaptive living, behavioral and communication. 

"My hands can reach only so far, take my hand, and together we can reach so much further."

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The Autism 360 family embraces this philosophy and works hard to support each. If you are looking for a unique and rewarding career, there is no better place than Autism 360. We are always looking for dependable, honest, and motivated  professionals to join our team and enrich the lives of the children we support. 

Our goal is the be the BEST, and we will be- with your help! We pride ourselves on creating and promoting a positive, fun, and supportive team environment for all our team members. Our organization was built on the hard work and dedication of our amazing therapists: the foundation of our quality and excellent services. Bring your experience and skills to our unique and diverse team!

Autism 360: A Preferred Employer

Competitive Pay Rates

Experience has shown us that putting your money into your most valuable assets is by far the best business approach. We value your skills, time, and hard work. Autism 360 offers highly competitive wages based on experience, education, and training. 


 We have your back on a rainy day. Autism 360 offers Health, Dental, Vision and 401K retirement savings plans to all full-time eligible employees.  We also offer flexible scheduling, extensive training, a supportive team, & opportunities for continued education and learning. 

Full Circle Tuition Assistance

We are passionate about Autism support. It is our pleasure and desire to see professionals excel and grow in the ASD field. Autism 360 offers a tuition-assistance program for nominated and selected candidates to help take you from RBT to BCBA.  Our goal is to increase access to Autism support services in North Carolina by making the path to achieving BCBA certification easy and convenient. 

Employee Perks

Our organization has a unique rewards and benefits program individualized to each of our team members. Our program focuses on spot recognition, service awards, and celebrations. We also extend a comprehensive discount program to all employees, giving them access to private deals and discounts on hundreds of national brands & retailers. 

Grow With Us!

At Autism 360, training doesn't stop after your first week. We know that on-going training is a must to ensure the highest quality of care for our kids. In-person, online, and community based CEU training occur on a variety of topics including ethics, parent training, toileting skills, feeding skills, skill acquisition targets, supervision, and more.  

Community Works

Autism 360™ teams actively participate in community activities to support our local communities. From sensory reading at local libraries to bringing fresh water to villages in Ecuador and volunteering at the school for the blind in Jamaica - the A360 team is passionate about sharing our talents in various ways. When you bring your skills to Autism 360 your passions become important to us as well. Let's make a difference together!

Autism 360: Our Community Works... Because We Are
Better Together!

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